This is a collection showcasing my personal and academic projects, as well as a few professional projects for which I have permission to share some project details.

The Hospital for Sick Children

During university I did two co-op terms at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) under the supervision of Dr. Chris Macgowan. While I was working there, Dr. Macgowan primarily focused on fetal cardiac imaging using MRI.

Academic Projects

Throughout my engineering degree I strived to create an elaborate final project for each course. My most interesting projects are listed here.

Crowdlab at the University of Waterloo

  • crowdEEG Annotation Interface. I was the initial developer of crowdEEG, an online EEG annotaion interface that is used to crowd source EEG annotation tasks. Crowd sourcing EEG annotation is desirable for building machine learning data sets, because it means that a large dataset can be assembled quickly and inexpensively.

Electronic Art

  • Infinity Mirror. I built a dynamic square infinity mirror as a Christmas present for my friend.